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The Winery Explorer App features a plethora of reputable wineries with links to their annual events, which are designed to suit all indoor and outdoor preferences. Alongside Tourism WA – Western Australia’s premier tourism website – we showcase an extensive range of regional wineries across the state, which includes:

  • Margaret River
  • Swan Valley
  • Geographe
  • Great Southern
  • Perth Hills
  • Peel
  • Blackwood



What does Margaret River offer?

Sign up with the Winery Explorer App and discover the world of Margaret River events; there truly is something for everyone. As one of the celebrated South Western Australian wine regions, Margaret...

What does Swan Valley offer?

25 minutes from Perth city centre, Swan Valley events and daily offerings cater for both adults and children. Their offerings include award-winning food and wines at kid-friendly restaurants. There...

Australia’s South West

Australia’s South West is a diverse destination that offers a multitude of things to see and do. It’s where wine, adventure and the amazing West Australian lifestyle is enjoyed amongst the aged...

Geographe & Augusta Margaret River

Geographe Bay Tourist Association and Augusta Margaret River Tourist Assoc (AMRTA) As the events capital of regional WA, Geographe Bay hosts a great variety of festivals, live music, exhibitions,...

Great Southern Region Wineries

Considered to be amongst the gems of South-Western Australia, the Winery Explorer App will provide you with all the information required to visit and enjoy the wineries, their annual events and...

Perth Region Tourism

The definitive digital guide for local and international visitors who want to effectively plan their holidays and outings in Western Australia, Perth Region Tourism Organisation Incorporated (trading...

Perth Hills and Peel Region

Closer to Perth, the beautiful Swan Valley, Perth Hills and Peel Region are home to award-winning wineries, restaurants and cafes (some of which feature local arts and crafts). Most of the local...
Red wine glass

Let’s Toast to the Health Benefits of Wine

There’s good news for the wine drinkers among you – your beloved drop is actually good for you. The latest studies indicate that wine, especially of the red variety, has numerous health...
Glass of Wine

Learn How to Talk “Wine”

A wine glossary to help you to enjoy your wine better. If you’re not a wine connoisseur but you’ve gone wine tasting, you’ve probably experienced the utter confusion when people start swirling...

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