Download the Winery Explorer app and inject fun and convenience into your life!

What happens if I lose my phone signal?

It is best to work out your tour before setting off for the day. Once the app has calculated the route to the wineries, it saves the routes for you ensuring they will not disappear if your phone loses signal. When the signal is recovered the app will automatically update your position. It’s that easy.

How do I organise my wine tour?

  1. Simply choose the winery or wineries you wish to visit.
  2. Click on the “add to tour” button on the top right of the screen.
  3. Repeat this for up to seven wineries (if required).
  4. Press the “tour” button at the bottom of the screen and a map will appear showing directions from your location to the selected wineries.
  5. To change the order of your visits simply press the “list” icon (top right) and slide the wineries to a different order and the app will recalculate the new route.
  6. Delete wineries on completion of your tour and keep your Winery Explorer tour page ready for your next visit.

Are Swan Valley and Margaret River the only two winery destinations on offer?

No – there are many other wine growing regions within Western Australia. Being a “self-drive tour” app, the Winery Explorer app incorporates all wineries in WA, which operate a cellar door or at least “appointment only” tours in all WA vineyard regions.

We are constantly on the lookout for new, up-and-coming wineries to recommend to our clients in order to enhance the winery experience. If we have missed out on your favourite winery please let us know, so we may correct this. We strive to provide the ultimate winery explorer experience to each and every user.

How does the application work?

Once you’ve downloaded the Winery Explorer App you will be able to view a series of steps “How to use the App.” This will provide you with all the relevant information you require on using Winery Explorer correctly, and getting the most out of it.

Does the application download to all mobile phones?

The app is currently only available to download onto iPhones or iPads. An Android version is currently being designed and will be available in a short period of time.

How do I download the Winery App?

The app can be downloaded in two ways:

  1. qrScan our QR code, which will direct you to the “download” feature.
  2. Or, click on your Apple App Store icon, search for “wineryexplorer”, choose the app and then download. (You will need your Apple ID to complete the process).
  3. Press “OK” when asked if your current location can be used – you will need this for the tour feature of the app.

How do I re-order wines after visiting a winery?

Once you have chosen your “favourite” from the wine list, the button will change to “re-order”. When you re-order your wine, the app will provide you with three options:

  1. Allow you to directly email winery.
  2. Place a telephone call.
  3. Direct you to the winery webpage depending on their preferred method of re-ordering. This will put you in contact with the winery who can arrange to ship your purchases directly to your door.

How do I request information about a specific wine?

The app allows you to order directly from your preferred winery cellar door, or you can go straight to their website “contact us” page where you can enquire about deliveries.

Can you find winery events in the app?

Yes you can. When selecting a winery, or winery destinations, you will be directed to the news and events of their events and products. Or view links on this website to see information on each region.

Can I, as a winery, add events to my profile?

Yes you may. Once you’ve signed up and subscribed, your profile is yours to amend and edit as you wish. Add events and specials, and delete out-dated ones. You can keep your profile updated with all the latest news and products.